Registration and your account
1. To Order at VijayamEmart, visit our website vijayamemart and place your order. Registering your account is not a mandatory but if you do then your records will be retrieved by the system for the subsequent orders. Ensure that the username and password is kept private. Do not allow others to use your account to make orders under your name. Make sure the delivery details are correct when placing each delivery and inform us if there are any changes that need to be done.
2. PDPA (Personal data protection act) Consent: The personal information collected will be used for delivering the items purchased and promotional purposes/communication only.
3. If you are providing someone else’s personal data or submitting this Form on behalf of someone else, you hereby declare that you have obtained consent from the named individual(s) in Form, for the collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data by you to Vijayamemart.

1. When submitting the order at our website vijayamemart, you enter a binding contract with us as buyer and seller. The pricing displayed at our website are our offer prices which become the agreed prices at the time of order upon confirmation.. Ensure that the order has been reviewed before clicking ‘Place Order’ .
2. You must make sure all the items ordered are correctly delivered to you at the time of delivery. Missing items must be made known to us immediately. We are not responsible for any item missing after the delivery person has left your place. Any wrong product delivered will be replaced . We will not take back the items that had been delivered in good condition.
3. Placing an order involves many operations. Cancellation or Withdrawal is not allowed once the order is confirmed unless there is be a valid reason which remains at our discretion. .
4. Ensure your items are as in order confirmed. If an item is found to be missing from your order, or you have received the wrong product, inform us through Email or Call us through the telephone numbers given we will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible, or we will add this credit to your next order.
1. You are making an informed decision to be in a contract with us and oblige to pay and indemnify for the items ordered through our website Payments should be made at the time of placing order through our payment channel. If done in contrast the company may claim all damages including legal costs which had been incurred during the process of your order.
2. Payment should be ensured by the buyer if mode of payment is cash on delivery. No cancellation or withdrawal of order will be engaged.
3. Any over payment or amount incurred during order cancellation will be refunded back within 5 working days. Amount will be credited to a payment channel that has been mutually agreed upon.